Monday, August 1, 2011

Sound System Gremlins

Any of you seem to have a few gremlins in the church sound system?

It rarely fails. You are getting set up, and for no apparent reason, the amp/speaker/snake/mic doesn't work. Your guitar is popping and your bass player has some sort of Sunday Morning flu. The epic worship service you had planned and gotten excited for has turned into you, a drummer, and a keyboard. Oh, and by the way... the keyboard is making the soundboard peak and the compressor kill every other sound attempting to come through the system.

Somehow, you hit some semblance of order about 5 minutes before service (when you planned to be ready 30 minutes before... haha, silly you). You pray and try to get focused as the timer goes to 0:00 and you step to the mic.

And then a baby runs across the back of the stage. Well, technically it's a 3 year old, but that doesn't change the fact that it shouldn't be running across the stage. You start to lead, everything sounds decent, and maybe this week will be alright. You had a good laugh with the baby, and now everyone is smiling and praising God and clapping, and then the guitar... is just... gone. No wait! There it is again... nope, never mind. It's done.

"Let's just sing out to God" (as I frantically wave to the incredibly focused drummer to stop). Of course, your frantic waves cause him to stop immediately, and everyone in the church to look around you to see if a bird or some small woodland creature has attacked you. You attempt to bring the focus back to God, and as you take your seat after the songs are over, with your head hung low, your pastor gives you that smile that says "if this were a bigger church..."

Okay, so maybe not all of that has happened in one Sunday. The baby thing happened on Easter Sunday. Everything else...

Yeah. Can you top that? Let's hear your best story.


  1. Yes...this Sunday was our 105th anniversary.
    1. My mic didn't work - switched mics and started again
    2. Someone distracted powerpoint operator, and I spent the first song basically singing half the right words and half um NOT.
    3. Right as we started a piano hymn, the cd mysteriously started playing for no apparent reason...that took us a few minutes to figure out.
    Oh, and did I mention that our regular song leader called in sick,and I had to be impromptu song leader, solo praise team member, and pianist? SOOO not my finest moment(s)!

  2. Wow, that is a weekend! I wonder what would happen if I called in sick... Everything would probably start working!

  3. Hahaha - I know what you mean! Your post today really spoke to's hard to give over the "control freak" in me to God...REALLY hard! :)