Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No Lone Ranger

Tomorrow I have the privilege of meeting with Austin Ryan and some other Worship Catalyst peeps. I am looking forward to this a lot, getting to meet with other worship leaders. It is easy, in our artistic little worlds, to feel isolated. We were never meant to be isolated.

One of the ideas that has been promoted as tough and strong in our culture is the idea of the lone wolf. The Lone Ranger, taking care of everything on our own, following the "if you want things done right, you have to do them yourself" logic. That makes sense, except that it is completely wrong.

Church plant worship leaders, and small church worship leaders... we can't do this alone.

Even the Lone Ranger didn't do it alone. He had the horribly-named Tonto as a sidekick, and he had his awesome horse. We need people around us who are strong where we are weak, because we are invariably weak somewhere. We need someone to pick up the slack when we get tired, because all of us need a break sometime. We need brothers to lean on, who relate to what we are going through.

It isn't just worship leaders who need this, but remember... we are leaders. We are examples, trying to live lives that allow us to say, like Paul, "imitate me." If we don't stay connected, and stay accountable, why would we expect others to?


  1. DJ, I seek out both mentors and peers to share experiences and discuss ideas with. It is a humbling experience at times, but almost always rewarding.

    I will blog a bit more about this, thanks for the idea! Are you a worship leader?