Monday, August 8, 2011

Get Your Mind Right

Sometimes my perspective doesn't allow me to see God active in my life. Sometimes I am so self-centered that I believe I can do something for God on my own. It is at those times that I easily become convinced that God Is Nowhere.

Can we get spiritual for a bit? I got to sit in on the sermon at Waypoint Church this week (I usually go lead a youth study), and got to thinking about how anxiety can be a sin. Philippians 4 tells us not to be anxious, and there is no way to explain that away. This is hard for me, because there is always something to be anxious about, like a microphone that is shocking you because of a loose ground, or a distortion pedal always on "crappy crunch". There is always the band member randomly (or not so randomly) not showing up for some reason, or the tech guys all out in the same week, or that buzz that seemingly won't go away.

If it isn't church, it's life that's got me anxious. There is always something out of my control, that I wish were under my control. And that is my issue... I want control. And when God doesn't pave the way for me, and when I encounter struggles and roadblocks, I feel... for just a moment... like God is Nowhere...

But when I give it all to God, and realize that He is and always will be in control, I stop worrying about a lot of things. It's like when my wife is in the car... she isn't worried about where we are at that present time, instead focusing on music or her phone or a book. I used to wonder why she never looked around at where we were or what was on the road ahead, but I suppose it is because she has the gift of faith and trust. I admire her in this way.

When I have the same mindset that she has, I realize that God Is Now Here...

Because for some reason, I always want to be behind the wheel. Leaders tend to feel this way, but Jay said something else that hit home this week... the Bible tells us to do that which does not come naturally to our sinful selves. To trust God is to know His constant presence, but that trust does not come easy.

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