Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day Job

I wonder if Paul liked making tents.

I mean, I know he felt the apostle call, and had purpose in his work and writings. I am sure he had much bigger concerns than an unfulfilling job; imprisonment and beatings probably sucked worse than a boring day stitching tents.

But still... did he get bored? Did his mind wander, or his work suffer because of his preoccupation with saving the world? Or did Christ bless him with fulfillment and skill in his stitching and mundane patch jobs?

I think those of us who are bi-vocational deal with these questions on a daily basis. I rock a headset and get yelled at and hung up on and lied to all day, by people who asked for help getting into college. I love people, and it hurts to constantly hear humanity at its most pathetic. Perhaps, though, this is how God feels with us. He can help us, and inside we are crying out for help, but we refuse to receive it. We cop an attitude and act like we've got everything under control, or we promise to act and never actually follow through.

Perhaps this is the insight we gain working "day jobs." We learn more about the world around us. Plus, we are given opportunity to talk about God to someone other than our church friends.

Still, I gotta wonder if Paul ever looked around and told himself "If I see one more tent today, I'm gonna lose it!" I'd like to think so.
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