Sunday, October 23, 2011


So I've been working on my electric guitar skills, and I've gotten to the point where I can do some of the simple "Hillsong" solos (think Hosanna and Freedom Is Here). As I've begun incorporating these new things in the services, I wonder sometimes how my congregation will react. I would love to be like Lincoln Brewster, that ridiculously talented guitarist and worship leader who is convinced that solos can be a part of worship. But...

I just wonder if there is a point where I will get serious pushback. So far I've gone from Acoustic Guitar to Full Band (bass, drums) to Electric Guitar... and am now at basic solos and distortion. Part of the adventure of creating a new worship experience is figuring out the worship style of your congregation. How has this gone for the rest of you worship leaders? Sensitivity is a must, I know... and that's never been my strong suit.

Ahh, sweet adventure!


  1. Well, I think it sounds great, but I so hear you about pushing and how hard to push. Part of the problem for the congregation is that if they are not musicians, I'm not sure that they really understand that the act of playing music is as much worship to us as the sounds that are heard. (If that makes any sense).
    Our problem is different. I'm struggling to drag us from memorex to live! It's a fine balance on pushing just enough for growth and pushing too hard where heels start digging in out of fear or discomfort.
    I think God will bless your efforts and honor your desire to make these moves in a way that honors Him and still be sensitive to fellow worshipers.
    Thanks for blogging -- appreciate it!

  2. I love blogging :). Glad you enjoyed it!