Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Have you ever had a plan backfire on you?

Recently, I decided to try and get in touch with other worship leaders who had decided to devote their lives to the 43,000 people in our little commuter town. I had recently been doing all that I could to feel less isolated, including gathering with other worship leaders one of the bigger towns. I thought it would be a great idea to see who else is devoted to leading worship in my little city.

Well, upon further review, there are about five churches in town begging for worship leaders, a couple of others with leaders who live up in Phoenix or Chandler, and one with a worship leader who didn't know she was the worship leader until my message was referred to her.  In other words, it is not an illusion. I am pretty darn isolated.

Anyone else know what this is like? Anyone looking for a church to lead worship at? I know a few now :-/.

Also, 5 points if you can name the ball with the face on it in the movie depicted above.

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  1. Wilson!!!!

    Ministry can be isolating. Keep reaching out to others and building a network. It will do more good than you can imagine.