Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Too Much Good Stuff!

Some people devote their lives to the ministry, working for a church and trying to reach people for Christ in their own gifted ways. Some people are career oriented, and work 40 hours a week to provide for their family. Yet others are scholars, who spend all of their time hitting the books and obtaining degrees.

The craziest of the bunch, however, are those who decide to do all three. Who has two thumbs and is just that crazy?

This guy.

Now each of these things, in and of themselves, is a good thing. Many of you who read this (or one of you, if only one of you reads this) are the same way, doing as much as you can, because in your best moments you can make it work. If one good thing is good, wouldn't two good things be better?

I relate to Martha in the "Mary and Martha" story. This is weird, because I used to relate to the Mary in that I loved to just chill with God. However, now I am the one looking down my nose at those who "only" do worship leading, or "only" do youth leading, and admonishing their laziness. I think this was Martha's main problem... not that she was busy, but that she was proud of her busy-ness.

I feel like I am often proud of my busy-ness, thinking that I am getting extra Jesus points for doing more (with bonuses for being in a church plant and being bi-vocational). Yet, in this pride, when we are focused on what we are doing rather than Who we are doing it for, we worship our own skill and endurance rather than our Creator's provision. The saddest part is, we get so busy we don't even know when He's in the room. We are too busy being busy.

Does anyone else struggle with this? I feel like Church Plant Worship Leaders would struggle with this, since we are usually doing this along with work and/or school. Am I right?

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