Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I used to think that getting sidetracked was a problem only bi-vocational, part-time, and volunteer ministers had. I thought that if I were able to minister for a living, I would be an unstoppable force for Jesus, like Chuck Norris in the spiritual realm.

Then I got the opportunity, for 15 months, to be “full-time” at a big church. As it turns out, I still got sidetracked from ministry on a regular basis. Apparently the problem was me, and not my situation.

This was a pretty disheartening revelation.

This is when I realized that God doesn’t “call the equipped”. I have the attention span of a 5 year old with a pixy-stick. I forget song lyrics at the most random times. I occasionally forget my own name. Yet, God has called me, and given me gifts and abilities that allow me to serve others through music, which is so fun that it almost isn’t fair. He has also blessed me to be able to work with teenagers, and be there the way my youth ministers were there for me when God changed my life.

Still, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to improve ourselves. So I pose this question… how do you keep yourself focused?

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