Thursday, June 30, 2011

Church Plant Worship Leader

Maybe you used to do this full time, at a stuffy "established" church. Maybe you got restless, knowing that God called you to build rather than maintain. Maybe you longed for adventure, and pined to live like Paul and "make tents" while blazing a new trail. Maybe you got tired of the backbiting and the acrimonious church "business meetings," and the endless critiques of your music selection and quality. Maybe you thought church planting would let you get away from all of that, and create a utopian worship society where every form of music is accepted and creativity is appreciated.

Maybe you've been doing this long enough to know how that turns out. I'll ask you to kindly stop pointing while you laugh.

Maybe you have come up with a young pastor, leading worship in houses and youth groups, and around campfires and on beaches. Maybe this is your first time being "the guy" in a church, and you are both excited and clueless. Not just that, but you have no idea what to do when your sound guy doesn't show up… or maybe you are the sound guy. Either way, you sure wish these church plants came with instruction manuals.

Or maybe you are like me. Maybe you have felt called to be that second guy, the one who is a leader without being "the leader" of a church plant. You lead worship, you lead youth, you fill in leading small groups, and you generally do whatever else the is needed. You have become a jack of all trades… but it's time to become the master of (at least) one.

Wherever you come from, you are now the worship leader of a church plant. You probably have a trailer where everything lives, and are already pretty good at turning your school/coffee shop/movie theatre/bar/living room into a "house of worship" in 45 minutes flat. You talk to other worship leaders, and they whine about some words being typed wrong, or a slide not moving, but you have more pressing issues… like when (not if, when) the screen is going to fall during service, and how durable your drum set (and drummer) are. Hopefully they can survive screen-a-geddon 2011.

I am fairly sure you don't know many people who do what you do, because I have the same problem. That is the reason for this blog. It is time to create a community of crazies, a band of brothers (and sisters?) who have taken this fool's errand and ran with it, confident that God does indeed use the foolish to confound the wise. Let's unite with other worship leaders who are intent on chasing God rather than chasing safety, and strengthen each other through our mutual knowledge, fellowship, and prayer.

Maybe together we can get an idea of what works (IKEA lamps on stage) and what doesn't (three year old on stage). So... what is your name, what is your quest, and what is your favorite color? (5 points if you get the reference)

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